This Scheduled Ancient Monument is closed to the public for the time being. The planned openings on Sundays and milling on Bank Holiday Mondays will not be going ahead until further notice. * Telephone 01568 708820 email
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Mortimers Cross Mill is a 1750 Water Mill and an excellent example of how man has harnessed the energy of the river Lugg to mill wheat into flour or crush grains for animal feed.

To raise awareness for water mills generally we used to take part in the National Milling Weekend,but not this year.


Being an early example of water power we have a separate paragraph called
Inspired by the amount of water rushing by the weir and mill it seemed obvious to try and make some free electricity here.My research started in 2005 I hosted the first meeting of HEREFORDSHIRE HYDRO Feb 25th 2007
I had been to the meeting in Hereford thinking a local group had already been created because various press reports suggested that. It surprised me that only about a dozen people hung back and retired to the front right hand corner with a view to creating a local group. I concluded the other 135 people at the meeting were solely interested in making money out of those 12 !
Terminology and How To Get Started!
Imagine a waterfall. A stream comes along and falls over a cliff and lands in a pool below. The distance the water falls is measured. That is basically The Head. To generate electricity you need a head of 4 feet (1.25 m)or more. If you can direct a constant body of water down a pipe with a vertical drop of 4 feet or more into a turbine you will be in business. (You can buy chinese made turgo turbines for as little as 250 which will power your home if you have a waterfall handy)The Archimedian screw turbine will work in places where a vertical drop is not possible and a steep slope exists instead. The water vortex system works in places with close to zero head.To generate enough electricity to sell to the grid however requires one to work out how much water flows past your chosen site over a period such as a year. The measured flow rate is then used to help decide what system to choose.
The archimedian screw turbine is ideally suited to low head situations. The machinery is made in China but sold by a company in Germany.They wanted 60,000 in 2005 from me to fit one in my top sluice by the weir and I thought and said an old grain auger from a farm sale might do the job for a tenner.I was told not to infringe their patents!
Finding solutions and names of turbines is very difficult.But doing your own research via links to web sites broadens ones knowledge hugely. if the link has disappeared find herehydro dot weebly dot com

Many links came to me via e mails as a result of Herefordshire Hydro Group Existing.The late Andrew Stobbart very kindly reproduced them in our Hydro Group web site. herehydro dot weebly dot com